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Hot Stones


The Therapists at SAGE agree that Hot Stone is the most luxurious of all massage treatments. Hot Stone Massage is a holistic therapy treatment that is particularly effective at relaxing the whole body.

Smooth basalt river stones are heated and placed at particular points along the body to warm and soothe the muscles and open up the energy pathways in the body. With the muscles completely relaxed and warmed, this allows your massage therapist to work deeper into the muscle tissue without applying too much pressure, which is preferred by many to more traditional forms of deep tissue massage.

Working deep into the muscle allows your massage therapist to physically loosen adhesions (areas of rigid muscle tissue caused by muscle strain and tension), reducing pain and tension and restoring ease of movement to the body.

As with all Sage Massage treatments, the pressure is tailored exactly right for you. Whether it’s deep muscular release or gentle, blissful relaxation, your Hot Stone massage has endless potential benefits. It may soothe tension, alleviate pain, improve circulation, and release endorphins which reduce stress and anxiety and leave you with a feeling of calm and well being.

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